Milton Road

Our projects are more than designs; they are stories of transformation, where imagination meets craftsmanship.

Porch Conservatory Addon: Step into the harmony of indoor and outdoor living. Our porch conservatory additions create captivating connections with nature, inviting light and serenity into your home.

Kitchen Remodel: Feast your eyes on the kitchen of your dreams. With carbon gray cabinets and walls contrasting elegantly with white marble tabletops, we turn culinary spaces into works of art.

Dining Room Renovation: Elevate your dining experiences in beautifully redesigned spaces. Our dining room renovations capture the essence of sophistication, where every meal becomes a celebration.

Office Addon: Rise above the ordinary with our thoughtfully designed office additions. Nestled at the top of staircases, these spaces overlook hallways adorned with inviting seating areas, making work a pleasure.

We are NGP Architecture, your partners in crafting spaces that breathe life into your vision. Join us in redefining living spaces and celebrating the art of architecture in Edinburgh.