Saltcoats Steadings

Welcome to our transformative journey through the renovation of a charming farmstead turned into a cozy and captivating residence. Our team at NGP Architecture embraced the challenge of restoring this historical gem into a modern living space, while preserving its rustic allure.

Living Room Retreat: Step into the heart of comfort and elegance. We revitalized the living room, blending rustic aesthetics with contemporary comfort. Large windows usher in natural light, creating a harmonious balance between nature and interior design.

Kitchen Haven: The kitchen, truly the heart of the home, underwent a remarkable makeover. A rustic dream, the space boasts wooden beams stretching gracefully across the ceiling, emphasizing the farmhouse charm. We harmonized modern functionality with antique allure, crafting a space where cooking becomes an art and dining an experience.

Bedroom Bliss: Nestled under the eaves of this converted farmstead, the bedroom exudes cosiness, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The blend of vintage aesthetics and contemporary design results in a sleep haven that is both serene and stylish.

Bathroom Retreats: Multiple bathrooms underwent a stunning transformation, each capturing a unique facet of the rustic theme.These spaces tell a story of rejuvenation, where modern amenities meet the charm of the past.

Capturing Character: Our meticulous approach to the farmstead’s conversion sought to preserve the historical character that makes it truly special. Every detail, from the choice of materials to the placement of furniture, was carefully considered to ensure a seamless blend of old and new.

This farmstead conversion project embodies our commitment to crafting spaces that honor history while embracing the present. NGP Architecture invites you to explore the perfect harmony of rustic elegance and contemporary comfort. Join us in celebrating the art of transformation and the magic of architectural reinvention.