Many projects require a Building Warrant before they can begin, and it is an offence to start work without one. Knowing whether Planning Permission is required, whether a property is in a conservation area or is a listed building can require some research and, in some cases, some extensive knowledge of Scotland’s ‘Permitted Development’ rules.

At NGP Architecture, we have navigated these potentially difficult waters many times in the past and you can be assured that your application will be handled correctly by our experienced team.

Local Knowledge

At NGP Architecture we understand the importance of local knowledge and have been working with local council authorities for many years, building up our knowledge of where the potential pitfalls are on projects, what may or may not be accepted by each authority and how best to proceed with each application.


Building Warrant Applications

We are able to process your applications through the relevant council authorities ourselves and our expertise will ensure this is process will be as smooth as possible.

Conservation Area & Listed Buildings Applications

If your project is a listed building or is in a conservation area, then having your project approved can be difficult. Luckily, we have experience working on projects like these and can help guide you through the process.