The best design solutions are not always the most obvious nor are they the most expensive. We enjoy the challenge of devising elegant and practical design solutions within our clients’ budgets. We aim to maximise development potential, enhance value, improve quality of life and drive projects through from inception to completion.

Design Works

Over the past thirty-five years, the practice has undertaken a wide and varied portfolio of alterations, refurbishment and new works in the residential, commercial, industrial, and public and private sectors and has gained specialist knowledge and experience in leisure, offices, factories, housing of all types, and the conservation and restoration of listed buildings.

With this experience and expertise, NGP Architecture can offer its client’s the reassurance that our design proposals will meet their expectations, whilst also ensuring that building regulations are adhered to.

Interior Design

NGP Architecture can also offer quality interior design and architecture solutions. We use a variety of interior design styles for our clients. Ensuring home renovations are exactly what our clients expect, both inside and out.

CAD & 3D Modelling

At NGP Architecture we can provide design plans in CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and 3D visualisations which allow the client to see exactly what their proposals look like before a project begins.


With many years of experience, NGP Architecture has built up an extensive knowledge of products and services that combine well and fit with a client’s needs and budget. With this experience we can provide specifications for projects.