GDS Diadem Project looking to the next step

GDS Diadem Project looking to the next step

NGP Architects were delighted to work with Church of Scotland and Bethany Christian Trust on the GDS Diadem project, which aimed to transform Stenhouse Church’s sanctuary space into a care shelter for rough-sleepers in Edinburgh.


In the Care Shelter annual report, the Diadem project was given special praise: “Diadem is a great venue with purpose built shower facilities and space for 75 people to sleep each night. In providing this venue, the church has enabled service developments such as having raised beds instead of mats on the floor.”


The hope is that GDS Diadem can host the Care Shelter for many years to come, but there is still work to do. At present funds are being raised to refurbish and upgrade the Kitchen at GDS Diadem to a commercial catering standard.

This will make the invaluable work of the hundreds of volunteers, across dozens of catering teams, who prepare two-course hot meals for up to 75 people each night, much easier as the present kitchen is old and poorly equipped.


If you feel you would like to support the work at GDS Diadem, you can donate to the kitchen upgrade project using Just Giving here.